Today's Gospel: Luke 17:1-6 We’re never free from temptation. Jesus says as much, doesn’t he? “Things that cause sin will inevitably occur,” he tells the disciples in today’s Gospel. And I can’t help it: My first reaction is “Great! Jusssst grrrreat. How do I stand a CHANCE, God? Huh?” And then, in the very next moment, I remember this whole thing about free will and God wanting to be an intimate part of every. single. thing. So here’s his chance. Except maybe it’s MY chance. It’s my chance to take these sin opportunities — which Jesus himself says are inevitable — and turn them around, or rather, give them to God. “Be on your guard!” Jesus advises. It doesn’t take much faith — a mustard seed is pretty small. God just needs something to start with…and, in fact, he gave me that when he made me. That’s not all, though. We’re not to be a source of sin for others, either. And we’re to forgive and rebuke. In other words, God gave us some pretty tall orders. And clearly, if he’s setting these standards, he made us to keep them. We just have to lean into him. Tell you what: Let’s pray for each other. We can do this!


Which of the directives that Jesus gives in today's Gospel most speaks to you? How can you use that to direct your day?


Jesus, you are here for me. I know you are. And yet...I can't help but feel some helplessness in the face of the temptations that face me. Walk with me, guide me, and strengthen me.
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