Today's Gospel: Luke 3:10-18 - Third Sunday of Advent I’m one of those people who likes to run things by people I trust. If I’m unsure about how to handle a job situation, I go to Brian or Duffy. When I’m wondering about what I can substitute in a recipe, my sister Maureen always has the answer. If I’m looking for a book recommendation, I can count on Meg or Kathy. Generally, it’s not that I’m shopping for an answer that will match what I wanted to do in the first place; it’s that I don’t trust my instincts, or I truly don’t have a clue on what to do. My family and friends provide thoughtful, helpful insights. They look at things differently than I do. We can run into trouble, however, if we begin to rely too much on people for guidance. John the Baptist could have easily been flattered by the crowds seeking his advice on so many topics. But John stayed focused — and humble. He made it clear he didn’t have all the answers, and that the One for whom he was preparing the way would. As much as we might find people’s advice and counsel valuable — and love to give it ourselves — it’s important not to rely too much on others, regardless of how much we love and respect them. It puts a burden on them, and sets them up as false gods for us. Better then, for those of us who love to seek input to remember that the only guidance that truly matters is that given by the Lord, and to turn there in all matters, great and small, before acting.


Just for today, don’t ask anyone’s advice but God’s about the decisions you face.


Lord, I surrender my questions and indecision at Your feet. Guide me as you will.
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