Reflection by Clayton Imoo Today's Gospel: Mark 10:13-16 The reading from the gospel of Mark reminds us to be childlike in our faith, and that whomever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it. Now that doesn’t mean that we should all start sucking our thumbs, wearing diapers, crawling around from place to place, and crying and whining until we get what we want…that’s childish. But God has set aside the Kingdom of God for the childlike; for those who are loving enough to trust and obey Him, and humble enough to depend on Him. As adults, we tend to complicate our faith; and we sometimes get too caught up or pre-occupied in sounding like adults, especially if we are “Church professionals”. Whether we are saying grace or leading prayers, we might use flowery language to sound smart or to impress the people we are with. Praying, however, is easier for children. There is no fear of embarrassment, no formulas, no clichés, or no religiously-correct God words. Children simply pray whatever comes to their minds. In fact, one of my favourite children's prayers is: "Dear Jesus, I want to thank you for going up there on the cross for us every Good Friday. You must be really happy when the weekend is over.” Children are honest, simple, and direct in the way they communicate. They tell God what they are genuinely thinking. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. We adults can learn from kids. I know that my own children teach me all the time the importance of having a childlike faith. They are obedient, innocent, and curious. (Well, most of the time.)


In what areas of my life can I exhibit more of a childlike faith?


Lord, help me to be more childlike in my faith and to love You, trust You, obey You, and depend on You.
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