Today's Gospel: Luke 11:14-23 In today’s Gospel, Jesus casts out a demon. Some witnesses are astonished, while others question what they’ve seen, even going so far as to call Jesus an agent of evil. Still others want Jesus to verify His previous miracle by producing yet another sign from heaven. I wonder how we, the modern faithful, would react given similar circumstances. How would you respond if Jesus performed a miracle in your backyard? How would I? Surely we’ve experienced the grace of God at work in our lives, yet how quick are we to believe? Do we recognize that the kingdom is near, or do we scatter the truth of Who God is and what He’s done with doubt, disbelief, and fear? I want to be all in for Jesus, 100% faithful, undivided, and believing. On my own strength, it is impossible, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, nothing shall be impossible for God.


Do I think, speak, and act like a member of the Kingdom of God … or not?


Dear Lord, help me to be with You and not against You, to gather and not to scatter, to be a visible sign of Your glorious kingdom in the world.
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