Today's Gospel: Matthew 25:14-30 This passage has always been a favorite of mine, probably because I truly believe God had given us each certain gifts and talents that we are to use to glorify Him. The talents referred to in this passage are actually currency. But, to me, that distinction doesn’t change the meaning of this parable. After all, the church is in need of all means of giving – whether it be our time, talents, or treasure. All our gifts, whether monetary or spiritual, help the kingdom grow. Just like the servants in the parable, each one of us are given different amounts and kinds of talents. When we act like the first two servants and share our talents in the name of God, amazing things can happen. But are there ever times when you’ve acted like the third servant who hides away his talent? I know I’m guilty of that. Whether because we don’t think we have anything to contribute, or feel like we don’t have time, or are worried about spending money when finances are tight, there are moments when we don’t give our talents the opportunity to grow. In the parable the master not only reprimands the cautious servant but actually takes away his talent and gives it to one of the other servants. That might be a startling move but, Jesus makes it pretty clear, if we use what God has blessed us with, those gifts will grow; but if we hide them away and don’t use them, we may lose them. Our loving God wants us to trust in Him and share what we have for good, to help others, and to be generous with what we have been given.


What are your special talents? Are you using them for God? Can you think of some way you can use your specific talents today to make a positive difference?


Dear God, please give me the wisdom and understanding to use the gifts You have blessed me with to help others. Help me to be generous and be like the faithful servants who grew their gifts. Amen.
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