Today's Gospel: Luke 1:67-79 - Christmas Eve, Mass in the Morning The song of Zechariah (known as the Benedictus) is a song of thanksgiving for the Jewish nation, rejoicing that in the family of David they would have the power that up to this point they had been deprived of. This power would ultimately be restored to them in the form of a child; namely the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This entire passage refers to the coming of a Savior from the house of David. Zechariah was the father of John the Baptist. He was an old man who had prayed for a son. He was holding his son at this moment and was so full of joy when he sang this song of thanksgiving. He realized that his son was a miracle given to him by God. He knew that his son would contribute in some way to the fulfillment that they would all have, ultimately so that “we may serve him without fear and in holiness and justice for all days.” It is fitting that Luke ends the story of birth of Jesus with this song of thanksgiving. Zechariah is so full of joy and can’t stop glorifying God. Zechariah is so grateful that God kept his promise and time passing would no way stop the excitement over the prophecy of the Messiah. Whenever we feel that we have been abandoned, we know that for 2000 years the answer has always been with Jesus. He came so we might be lifted up into his love. Jesus makes the difference. When Jesus comes into your life, all fears and loneliness leave and we are on the path to ultimate peace with God.


Zechariah was inspired by the Holy Spirit at the birth of his son John. Do we see miracles every day and not realize the Holy Spirit is working to inspire us to find God in those moments?


Please help me, Jesus, to realize your birth was the change that we all would someday cling to in our own lives and our hopes for salvation.
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