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Reflection by Jennifer Durney

Today's Gospel: John 6:30-35

I have to admit, I am in a state of motherhood where the majority of the time, my patience is not where it should be. There are a lot of demands on my head, heart and body these days. Reading through today’s Gospel, my mind immediately goes to “Wow, those people are being a group of annoying, demanding toddlers!” Starting with pushy questions and then having the nerve to ask Jesus to give them bread ALWAYS?! I would have lost it before they finished asking.

Sitting with the Scripture a little longer, more similarities start jumping off the page. They are not flattering. I eventually come to the reality that when it comes to the Lord, I am often that demanding toddler. Jesus, You need to fix this, in this exact way, in an hour. Jesus, I deserve more. Jesus, not like that (said in the whiniest of voices, of course).

And Jesus, the best model of patience I have, does not loudly tell me what I’m doing wrong, huff, and then leave the room. He does not scold. He calmly and lovingly informs me of the truth and walks with me to the next step. Just like when He spoke to the crowds long ago. Just like He will do over and over again for me, even if the lesson doesn’t stick the first or hundredth) time.

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Where patience in your life is lacking, how can you be more like Jesus in the situation?


Jesus, You are the bread of life. Remind me, even when I feel the hungriest, that You satisfy my every need.

Copyright 2020 Jennifer Durney

Jennifer Durney serves the Diocese of Erie in Pennsylvania in a variety of roles, all of which try her patience and stretch her heart in the best ways possible. She is blessed to share her passions and her life with her husband, Matt, and is in love with being Momma to their beautiful daughters, Vivianne and Gianna.

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