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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 1:26-38


“Jennifer! Something is wrong with Linda! She’s not responding!” I had barely said hello when I heard these words through the phone. Linda was my mother-in-law. The frantic voice belonged to her sister. “Okay. You need to call 911,” I said calmly, hoping the tone of my voice would steady the hands I imagined were trembling.

We soon learned my mother-in-law had a stroke – her second in just two weeks. To complicate things, she lived alone in another state, and we were in the middle of a pandemic, further limiting our ability to be with her or speak to her doctors. Over the next few days her status and prognosis remained in question. When we were able to talk to someone involved in her care, we were given few answers in response to our many questions. More than once I cried out to the Lord, begging Him to grant us answers regarding her status, as we anxiously desired to make plans for the coming days, weeks, and months. Restlessly I found myself asking “What if” as I imagined countless scenarios, scenarios of which I ultimately had no control.

In this setting I was pulled to these Gospel verses, and I quickly realized that Mary too was troubled, fearful, and had questions about the unknown details of God’s plan. In response, she also was not given a road map or playbook, and the timeline of her future remained unknown. And yet, she trusted God enough that she was able to focus on her role as His servant and courageously give Him her “Yes.”

“Jen,” He whispered into my heart, “do you trust me, even when I don’t give all the details in advance? Will you follow me, even when the itinerary is unknown? Can you say 'yes,' without saying ‘What if?’”



It's so easy to say the words "Lord, I trust You," when things go my way, but when my world turns upside down and none of my plans are playing out, do my thoughts and words and actions demonstrate this trust?



Lord, when I am restless because things around me are are not happening as I have planned, help me to follow Mary's lead, focusing only on Your goodness and my role as Your servant, so that I can ultimately follow You wherever You lead.

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Lord, when I am restless because things around me are are not happening as I have planned, help me to follow Mary's lead. #dailygospel

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