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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Joe Wetterling

Today's Gospel: Luke 1:67-79 - Mass in the Morning


I talked to my son when he was only hours old, even when he was minutes old. Was I simply trying to develop his auditory capacity? No, of course not. That never crossed my mind, even if it was a happy side effect. Was I expecting him to understand me? No, of course not, at least I didn’t expect him to understand the words themselves. Still, I talked to my newborn son. I told him how much I love him, and that God loves him. I told him about the wonderful things that are waiting when he grows up. I told him about my dreams for him.

I don’t think I was blessed with the gift of prophecy, like Zechariah in this moment, but I understand why he said all this to his little son, who was too small to understand it. My son, and all of us, are called to do a bit of John’s task: “to give…knowledge of salvation”, to spread the Kingdom of God, to tell the world that Christ has come to forgive their sins. That Christ-child is the tender mercy of our God.

The talk is, as well. The chance to hold my son, to tell him all those things – and to see some of them come true, year by year – that is the tender mercy of our God. Our children go into the world because of God’s mercy, because He gifts to us those children through a share in His amazing creative power. He breathed life into Zechariah’s son and mine. He breathed life into you and yours, and every Christmas we spend together – however many or few – is from that same tender mercy of God. Let us all enter Christmas in Zechariah’s spirit and tell of the love and mercy of our God.



Who needs to hear words of love and mercy from God in this time of year? Where can I help spread God's Word and His mercy in someone's life?



Thank You Lord for sending Your Child for the salvation of us and our children. Help us to share Your love and mercy with our world throughout this Christmas season.

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Let us all enter Christmas in Zechariah’s spirit and tell of the love and mercy of our God. #dailygospel


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