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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Kathy Mallery Schober

Today's Gospel: Mark 7:31-37


Wonder. Mark’s vivid writing style leads me to wonder as it creates such powerful and clear images. I easily enter into the passage. And I wonder.

I wonder over the gripping sensory content. I find myself in the sandals of the deaf man. Brought by the people, I feel myself pressed and prodded forward. I feel a bit confused and resistant. As the crowd “begs” Jesus to heal the man, I wonder if he was embarrassed by their begging for him.

I wonder, when Jesus takes him aside, what it felt like to stand there looking into Jesus’ eyes. What was communicated in that look?

And yes, I wonder what it would be like to have Jesus stick His finger into my ears. I can feel the pressure and release of this action and I compulsively place and remove a finger from my own ear. When Jesus spits and touches the man’s tongue; I wonder at the tingle and the breaking of personal barriers this action must have wrought.

How I wonder at that word…Ephphatha. And that Jesus looked, not at the man, but at heaven. And Jesus did not say the word, but groaned it. Why the personal connection of keeping the Aramaic form? I wonder.

I wonder. I wonder if we are not all like the deaf and mute man. Unsure about what this Jesus will mean to us. I wonder that even for us, in those quiet moments alone with Jesus, all becomes clear. I wonder if Jesus’ plea to His Father in heaven to “Ephphatha”, open, was not a plea for us all to leave our fear and doubt behind, be touched and healed by the Son and left “open” to the Holy Spirit and to what our Father has planned for us.



I wonder what it is that Jesus wants us to stay "open" for today?



Great and awesome God, you open our hearts, our minds, our ears, eyes and mouths. Open too the way before us so that we may follow you and proclaim your love and goodness, opening the way for others as we go.

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I wonder if Jesus’ plea to His Father in heaven to “Ephphatha”, open, was not a plea for us all. #dailygospel


Copyright 2021 Kathy Mallery Schober

Kathy Mallery Schober directs Faith Formation, catechizing for over 25 years, and holds a graduate degree in education. As a public speaker and educator, she has earned awards for her work with families and children. Reaching families in the midst of our pandemic, Kathy Mallery Schober created the “Domestic Church” channel. She also shares reflections on “8th Station”.