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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Matthew 9:14-15


“Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them?”

These words of Jesus were in answer to the disciples of John the Baptist, when they asked why Jesus’ disciples did not fast as they (and the Pharisees) did. They most likely weren’t trying to cause trouble, or trip Him up, as the Pharisees often did with their questions. They were genuinely curious. Jesus fasted, but didn’t require fasting from his closest followers. It was a scenario that was bound to perplex others. Jesus’ answer probably confused them even more. At that point, the faithful had little to no understanding of the coming of Christianity, and that it would be something way beyond modifications made to the Jewish religion, but rather a dynamic transformation of the faith.

In original scripture texts, “the wedding guests” translates literally to “the sons of the house where the wedding is being celebrated.” Christ was saying that His disciples were in the presence of the Eternal Bridegroom, and there is to be no fasting when He’s there with them. This verse, taken along with Mt 22:1ff, is communicating to the faithful that the “house” symbolizes the Church, as the House of God and the Body of Christ. Jesus is giving hints of who He is, and what the Christian faith will be, but many were too caught up in their preconceived notions to understand the truth.

The time for fasting will, indeed, come for Jesus’ disciples, but not the heavy weight of strict and merciless fasting that the Pharisees placed on the shoulders of faithful Jews. Jesus longs to see the faithful willingly practicing genuine piety.



Do I rejoice mindfully and wholeheartedly in due season, but also practice proper and profitable fasting when called to it?



Guide me Holy Spirit, to take full advantage of the weapon of penance, and to offer sincere reparation and sorrow for sin when doing so.

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Jesus longs to see the faithful willingly practicing genuine piety. #dailygospel


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