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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: John 21:15-19

When you hear Jesus ask Peter, “Do you love me?” does it make your heart sting; even just a little? How much more must Peter have hurt hearing Jesus ask him; not just once but three times!

“Do you love me?”

We, of course, know these three requests are meant to mirror Peter’s three denials, but did he? We know it all, so to speak, through the blessed gift of Church teachings. We also know we don’t always show Jesus the love He deserves. By our words and our actions, what we do and what we don’t do, we show Jesus just where He rates in our lives.

Of course, Jesus is the only one who knows it all. He knew of Peter’s denial but also his need for forgiveness. Peter needed to tell Jesus just how much he loved Him, so Jesus gave him that chance. With every question, He gave Peter an action to do: feed the lambs, look after the sheep, feed the sheep.

Jesus gave Peter his penance and even told him of his martyr’s death, though Peter probably didn’t catch that either.

We know actions speak louder than words. We do this when we teach our children that saying they are sorry a million times is never as effective as actually doing something for the one they have hurt. Doing a dreaded chore for the sibling they have offended goes so much further than the pouting, muttered, "I’m sorry."

And we know we choose ourselves over Jesus, just as Peter did and we know we can actively show Jesus our deep love for Him.


If your family haven’t gone to Confession recently, perhaps this weekend, as an action of love for Jesus?




Dear Lord, I have denied you just as Peter did by both my action and my words. Thank you for the many opportunities You continually give me to receive your forgiveness. Grant me the strength to follow you as Peter did, willing to go even where I don’t want to, all for love of you.


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