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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity - Matthew 28:16-20


Today is the day that I always watch “St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies” by LutherSatire on YouTube. If you’ve been told that talking about the Trinity is hard because of the fine line between being a heretic and not being one, you’re in good company. The video illustrates in a funny way how this can happen.

All three readings today are put together to show us how we’ve come to understand the doctrine of the Trinity, each one giving a glimpse into that internal and eternal reality of the Trinity. And the greatest part? We’re invited to be a part of the life of the Trinity. Jesus’ command today is for us: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” - we are called to go out, obey what Jesus has commanded, and know that He is with us always, “until the end of the age.”

It can be challenging to talk about our faith with others; I struggle with this. It’s not so much that I’m embarrassed, but my faith is very personal and intimate. I am challenged again and again by Jesus asking me to be His lamp, shining his light for others to see. I often feel that I obscure His light, whether it’s the way I react to my kids pushing my buttons or the way I don’t deal with my stress and it seeps out into my interactions. All these things make it difficult to have confidence that I can fulfill this commission. But the secret is that it’s not my job to turn people’s hearts - it's God’s job. As long as I’m willing to share Christ’s light, the Spirit can fulfill God’s will. Take confidence in Christ’s Spirit, who will fulfill in us ALL that might be lacking.




What is one public expression of faith I can challenge myself to do today?



Jesus, You invite us into the intimate relationship of the Trinity. Help us to invite others into Your love through all that we speak, think, and do.


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Take confidence in Christ’s Spirit, who will fulfill in us ALL that might be lacking. #dailygospel



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