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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Luke 7:36-50


Today we hear of the woman with the alabaster flask of ointment who anointed Jesus’ feet. The Pharisees murmur against her. She is a “sinner.” Moreover, she has, after all, “wasted” an enormous resource, one that should have been, in their estimation, put to “better” use. She is a familiar figure to us: extravagant and bold in her love for Jesus Christ despite prevailing opinion around her.

You are more like her than you know.

How often are you told that you should put your college degree to “better” use than “just” staying at home? How often are you questioned because you prioritize family time over activities that, in the culture’s estimation, are actually “worth” something to your child? When we love Jesus much, we make extravagant sacrifices for Him, and those around us aren’t always going to approve or understand. Perhaps we welcome more children into an already large family. Perhaps we choose to live very simply so as to give away much. Perhaps we celebrate holidays in a starkly different way from the surrounding culture.

God does not judge our sacrifices by whether they are efficient or productive. He judges them by the amount of love poured into them. For many of us, the greatest call on our lives is our vocation as husband, wife, father, and mother. What greater gift can we give to our Lord than to pour ourselves into that vocation with great love?

Whenever we are tempted to believe that we are not being as efficient or productive in our use of resources in the way the culture would have us use them, let’s remember the woman of today's Gospel. Let's ask ourselves where God has called us to love Him. Let’s ask ourselves whether we are giving our resources to Jesus in the best way we know how with the most love we have.



Where in your life could God be asking you to make an extravagant sacrifice for love of Him?



Jesus, I desire to be bold and extravagant in loving You and in showing my love for You. Inspire me by the Holy Spirit to learn how I might be more like the woman of today’s gospel.

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What greater gift can we give to our Lord than to pour ourselves into our vocation with great love? #dailygospel


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