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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Reflection by Leslie Lynch

Today's Gospel: Mark 10:1-12

In today’s Gospel, Pharisees are trying to force Jesus to take sides between two current beliefs regarding divorce. Rather than uphold Moses’s law, giving a man license to write a certificate of divorce and dismiss his wife, Jesus raises the bar.

“Because of the hardness of your hearts he wrote you this commandment,”

He says, sidestepping their question.

Jesus then speaks of the sacred nature of marriage, which is presented to us many times in Scripture as the image of the relationship of Christ, the bridegroom, to His Church, the bride.

Boy, how things have changed! Civil divorce has never been easier or more frequently granted. No fault, DIY online. Either party can “write a certificate” and dismiss the other.

Marriage ain’t easy. Even good marriages have trying moments, and trying marriages have good moments.

But Jesus hold us to a high standard.

How can I, who am not the shining example of good-wife-ness, live up to His expectations when I can’t live up to my own, much less my husband’s?

I can only fall back on the sacraments for answers. Reconciliation for when I’ve been hardheaded. The Eucharist for when I need His strength. Remembering that Matrimony is a grace-filled gift, and that it’s not all about me. Reminding myself of the gifts and graces of Baptism and Confirmation.

I can nurture virtues like love, perseverance, humility, and forbearance to elevate the dignity of my husband and hopefully draw him closer to God. I can ask him to do the same for me.

Let us all seek to soften the hardness of our hearts by frequent reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, and by nurturing virtues. Let us prepare to meet Jesus, our bridegroom.




How can partaking of the Sacraments and nurturing virtues help my marriage mirror the intimacy of Jesus, the bridegroom, and the Church, His bride?



My dearest Lord Jesus, marriage is sometimes very hard. Please guide me to do and love the things that will draw my family into intimacy with You.


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Even good marriages have trying moments, and trying marriages have good moments. Let us all seek to soften the hardness of our hearts through Reconciliation, the Eucharist, and by nurturing virtues.

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Leslie Lynch lives near Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband and a rescued, feral-turned-sweetheart cat. She’s written three full-length novels: Hijacked, Unholy Bonds, and Opal’s Jubilee; and two novellas: Christmas Hope and Christmas Grace. She is an occasional contributor to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’s newspaper, The Criterion and holds an MFA in Writing from Spalding University. Learn more at www.leslielynch.com.