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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.

Today's Gospel: Memorial of St. Peter Claver - Luke 6:27-38


I find today’s Gospel to be one of Jesus’s most challenging instructions. He tells us that we must do more than just tolerate our enemies. We must love them. We must give them what they need without asking for anything in return.

When we were young, our “enemies” might have been the bullies at school or in our neighborhood; but nowadays, it seems like our enemies are the people who get into arguments with us on social media. It’s so easy to send back a retort, especially when it’s a relative stranger on a Facebook group or commenting on a celebrity’s post. At times, I’ve given into the temptation to get into these useless disagreements. It’s easy to get self-righteous and feel like I have to “set these people straight.” But if I’m honest, this isn’t really fraternal correction. It’s arguing with someone I don’t really know.

Sometimes I resist the temptation to respond back to these “enemies,” and I get self-congratulatory, thinking I’m being the better person by just ignoring them. However, Jesus calls us to something more than ignoring our enemies. He calls us to love them. He calls us to do more than just turn away; He calls us to offer them the other cheek!

Challenging, right? But what if we really did it? What if we offered love in return for hate? What if every time someone insulted us, we sent back a compliment?



Who has insulted me lately, and how might I send a compliment to that person instead of trying to get even?



Lord, help me to do more than tolerate those who hurt and insult me. Help me to love them in return.

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