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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.


Today's Gospel: Luke 8:4-15

This is a favorite parable of mine. There is so much in here to ponder and pray with over and over. This phrase struck me:

Whoever has ears to hear ought to hear. (Luke 8:8b)

Did anyone ever tell you to put on your “listening ears,” because this is what I hear Jesus saying. These ears, though, are not the ones attached to your head. They are the ones in our heart and soul.

The seed is the truth, the teaching, the word of God. We want that in our soul, not only in our mind. And it is difficult for that seed to get into our soul, isn’t it? It can be for me at times. I understand it in my head and believe it to be true and good, but do I live it? Accept it as truth for myself? When we read about bearing fruit, are we quick to see the fruit in other lives’ while putting down our own? What ears are we listening with?

There is so much noise in our world. Silence is necessary to learn to hear God. There really is no way around it. I’ve tried. In silence, our gaze is on Him and His is on us. Our souls need silence to hear the word, embrace it generously, and persevere so we bear fruit.

And if you think this good soil requires lots of tending and knowledge on our part, it does not. It requires small, consistent steps that suit the season of your life right now. God takes the little bits of dirt and seed we offer and makes them into more. We offer what is humanly possible, and He, through His divine action, turns it into an abundance of good fruit.




Do I offer God my good soil for Him to use to bear good fruit in my life?



Father God, help me to hear Your word with the ears of my heart so I can share it with others.


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We need silence to become good soil.

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