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Join us as we reflect, ponder, and pray together inspired by today's Gospel.


Today's Gospel: Luke 10:38-42

I look up from where I am sitting and glance around my den, taking in the clutter that is scattered about. I’d love to say the room rarely looks like this, that it’s normally neat and orderly, with everything in its place. But I’d be lying. Truth is, as much as I wish my house was always magazine ready, I’ve about given up on that desire, slowly accepting that I’m outnumbered and my family has different goals for this space.

So as I read about Martha opening her home and easily welcoming in Jesus and the disciples, I wonder . . . What would I do if Jesus knocked on my door right now?

If I’m honest, I’d prefer we go someplace else together.

A place that isn’t cluttered. I wouldn’t be embarrassed by my mess and could pretend my world is neat.

A place where someone else could prepare the food and serve. I wouldn’t worry whether my efforts were good enough.

A place where someone else took care of all the details. I wouldn’t feel the need to perform, trying to make everything perfect.

But I suspect this is not what Jesus would want. I suspect He would want to enter my house, to walk into my cluttered den. In fact, I suspect what He desires most is for me to trust Him so much that I readily invite Him into my mess each day of my life.




Have I believed the lie that I must “straighten up” before going to Jesus?



Jesus, from the lie that I must hide my messy world from You, deliver me. And may I never shy away from inviting You in.


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I suspect what Jesus desires most is for me to trust Him so much that I readily invite Him into my mess. 

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