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All scripts copyright 2006-present, Lisa Mladinich


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A Little Light Puppet Show
[Let your light shine]

Act of Confusion Puppet Show
[Introduces the Act of Contrition and Philippians 4:13]

Bathtime Puppet Show
Hora del Baño

Beach Baby Puppet Show
Día de playa

Caring Puppet Show
[Good Samaritan]

Buen Samaritano

Cough Drops in Church Puppet Show
[Anticipation of Holy Communion]

Pastillas para la garganta en la iglesia

Fear of Dark Puppet Show
[Calling on the Holy Names of
Jesus and Mary]

Miedo a la oscuridad
[Invocando el Santo Nombre de Jesús y María]

Forgiveness/Brotherhood Puppet Show

Good for Nothing Puppet Show
[Christianity in action, ministry theme]

Grandma Puppet Show
[A show about wonder and listening for that still, small voice ]

Greatest Show On Earth
El espectáculo más grande del mundo

Honesty Puppet Show

I Don't Want to Talk About It
[Sorrow for Sin, Confession, and Atonement]

No quiero hablar de eso

Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus is Calling You Puppet Show
[1 Samuel 3:9 Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening]

Jesus is Food for Our Souls
[Holy Eucharist]

Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet

John 3:16 Puppet Show

Jonah Repents
[Based on the Book of Jonah]

Leadership Puppet Show
[Responsibility and leadership]

Lit Up With Grace Puppet Show

Liturgical Year Puppet Show

The Mass Puppet Show

Miraculous Catch of Fish

Palm Sunday Puppet Show
Domingo de Pascua

Preach the Gospel Show
[Tithing during Lent]

Predicar el Evangelio

Predator Puppet Show

Responsibility Puppet Show


Sacraments Puppet Show (Part One)
[Read story of Prodigal Son, first]

Sacraments: What are They?
Puppet Show (Part Two)
Sacramentos: ¿Qué son?

Saint Puppet Shows:
These shows should be presented in the following order:

St. Mary Magdalene Puppet Show
First in series
Sr. Thea Bowman Puppet Show
This show follows the show on St. Mary Magdalene.
St. Peter Puppet Show
This show follows the show on Sr. Thea Bowman.
St. Stephen Puppet Show
This show follows the show on St. Peter
St. Paul Puppet Show
Final in series..

St. Therese Puppet Show
created by the seventh graders at the St. Theresa School in Arkansas

Scared of Confession
[Sacrament of Confession]

Sin, Free Will and Grace Show
[God's gift of forgiveness]

Talk About Manners Puppet Show
[Treating each other with respect]

Hablando de Modales

That Book
[John 1]

The Cross

The Empty Manger

The Redeemer
[Jesus, Our Redeemer)

The Swimming Lesson
La lección de natación
[Kind Words]

The Woman at the Well

Three Days Puppet Show
[The Triduum]

Tres Días (El Triduum)

Vocations Puppet Show

A note from the author about reverence: All of these scripts were developed for use within programs which give honor and glory to God. At no time is the comedy meant to be played in a way demeaning to the dignity of Our Lord. It may strike some, who have weathered the experimental educational antics of the post-Vatican II era, that using comedic puppet presentations to represent Our Lord and the Saints verges on making a cheap joke of them. This is not ever my intention. I’ll give you an example: When, as in the case of my script on St. Peter, I poke extreme fun at the slowness with which the Apostles grasped the real meaning of Jesus’ teaching, I do so with the very great affection of one who identifies solidly with that slowness, which I struggle with myself. Their faults are meant to put the children at ease with acknowledging their own faults and to help them understand just how much even the Biblical saints needed the mercy of God. When Jesus uses ordinary modern vernacular in relating to other characters, notice that He does so with great forbearance and with affection for them all, even when He is being critical. I never want to send the message to a child that Jesus is slovenly or ordinary, but merciful, accessible and forgiving, someone they can relate to. When these scripts are used in my religious-ed classes, they are preceded by a decade of the Rosary (done in the strictest reverence), a spirited, heartfelt talk on the day’s lesson (including dialogue with the children), the singing of a hymn (with marching), a Bible story, more discussion of the lesson, a re-enactment of the Bible story (when time allows) and then, finally, the puppet show. By the time we get to my short, wacky puppet presentation, my reverence for the subject has already been absorbed. The humor is a bonus. The puppet show is invariably used to cap a particular concept; to frame it in a memorable way for the children, to review difficult vocabulary, a passage of scripture or make a dry subject fun (like the colors of the liturgical year, reflected in the vestments of our priests). It has been my experience that a simple concept, enjoyably presented, has sticking power. The parents of my students heartily attest to this and to the success of the class as a whole. I have often been told by these same parents that their children cannot wait to come to class and that their interest in prayer and good works is growing. I hope your use of these scripts, either for puppet presentations or as skits for older children, will bring vibrancy, excitement and joy to your classroom experience. God bless you all! Lisa Mladinich

Puppets and Special Eduction - Special needs children are highly responsive to puppets! Children with Autistic Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome and ADDS pay attention for long periods and want to touch and try them on after my public shows. The feedback from parents and grandparents has been phenomenal. They tell me, in delighted astonishment, that they've never seen their kids stay attentive for so long (up to 45 minutes in my library programs), nor remain so connected, calm and interested afterwards. Like me, they see the potential for making learning a lot more fun and productive for these very special children. If you're teaching religion to students who require Special Education and need a great way to draw them in, try puppets!


For additional information or to share your ideas contact Lisa Mladinich

All scripts copyright 2006, Lisa Mladinich

What's New?

05/08/09 - We've moved! Check out our new scripts online at the newly rennovated website!

05/02/08 - New Script! The Mass Puppet Show helps teach children about the Mass.

02/25/08 - New Script! Resurrection! features a script on John (11:25) “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, though he dies, he shall live...

01/08 - New Script!! That Book features a script on John 1.

12/07 - Amazing Catechists needs you! A questionnaire has been designed to develop content for a new website and on-line forum in English and Spanish (coming soon!), Amazing Catechists seeks to breathe new life into the religious formation of Catholic children, teens and adults. Amazing Catechists are sacramentally active, loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and persevering humbly, day-by-day, in their relationships with Jesus Christ. Download the questionnaire.

11/11/07 - St. Therese Puppet Show - This show was created by the seventh graders at the St. Theresa School in Arkansas - thank you students for sharing your work with children around the world!

10/22/07 - Check out our latest script, The Cross.

09/06/07 - Catch the wave! Five new scripts about Jesus written for a VBS in Rhode Island:

Teacher Kristi E. from St. Theresa School in Little Rock, AR shares her great experience using Lisa's Puppet Ministry with her students. Read Kristi's letter here.

4/02/07 - Lisa in the News! Lisa Mladnich recently contributed a wonderful article to Thea News, a publication about Sr. Thea Bowman. Click here to read Lisa's article.

3/15/07 - New Puppet Script - We've just posted a new script entitled Jesus is Calling You - Enjoy!

2/09/07 - New Reconciliation Script - We hope you enjoy our new script Lit Up With Grace Puppet Show about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

1/22/07 - New Spanish Translations! We have just posted Spanish translations of five of our favorite scripts: Hablando de Modales, El espectáculo más grande del mundo, No quiero hablar de eso, Tres Días (El Triduum), Pastillas para la garganta en la iglesia

1/17/07 - New Show! We have just posted a great new script, The Redeemer, which shares about Jesus' great love for each of us.

1/09/07 - Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy our new English puppet script on the Eucharist, Jesus is Food for Our Souls. We have also just added two new Spanish scripts, Vocaciones and Sacramentos: ¿Qué son?

12/11/06 - Happy Advent!  We have just added two new Spanish scripts, La lección de natación and Abuela and three new English scripts, The Empty Manger, Scared of Confession and Jonah Repents

10/29/06 - New Script - Lisa's new script, Act of Confusion Puppet Show, is a silly look at the Act of Contrition.

10/23/06 - New Scripts in Spanish - Buen Samaritano, Domingo de Pascua, Predicar el Evangelio, Sacramento

10/20/06 - Kids Acting Out Puppet Scripts! - I was handed an epiphany, today, when I read an email from a fourth-grade religion teacher from Brooklyn, NY who said he was using my puppet scripts as skits! He said that having the children use the scripts to act the stories out themselves was getting the message across effectively and helping shy kids to participate. What a great, kinetic way to teach. I had been wondering how to include older children in the fun and James Lucignano has taken the concept and run with it. Thanks, James!

10/16/06 - New Show Scripts in Spanish - Hora del Baño, Día de playa, Miedo a la oscuridad [Invocando el Santo Nombre de Jesús y María], Honestidad

10/09/06 - I Don't Want to Talk About It - This newly posted script deals with Sorrow for Sin, Confession and Atonement.  Click here to download "I Don't Want to Talk About It".

10/02/06 - ¡Espectáculo de Marionetas en Español!  Estamos encantadas de darle la bienvenida a María Rivera (refiérase a biografía y foto en esta página) a nuestro ministerio de marionetas gratis. Maria es una traductora profesional y se ha comprometido a comenzar las traducciones de los guiones de Lisa. Si usted enseña en un lugar donde se habla español y encuentra que los guiones en esta página le pueden ser útiles, por favor comuníquese con Lisa a través del vínculo electrónico que aparece abajo para pedir una traducción gratis. Los pedidos se cumplirán de acuerdo al orden en que se reciban, ya que María los está traduciendo durante su tiempo libre, así que tenga paciencia y planee con tiempo. Los nuevos guiones en ingles y español de "Primera Confesión" y "Primera Comunión" estarán disponibles durante el año escolar. Los próximos: "Pecado", "Libre albedrío"  y "Gracia".

Puppet Shows in Spanish! We are overjoyed to welcome Maria Rivera (see bio and picture on this page) to our free puppet ministry. Maria is a professional translator and has agreed to begin work on Lisa’s scripts! If you are teaching in a Spanish-language environment and there are existing scripts on this site which would answer your need, please contact Lisa at the email link below to request a free translation. Work will be done in the order in which it is received in Maria’s spare time, so please be patient and plan ahead! Newly written and translated First Penance and First Communion scripts will be posted throughout the school year. First up: “Sin, Free Will and Grace” – coming soon!

9/28/06 - God's Gift of Forgiveness - We've just posted a new show called Sin, Free Will and Grace, all about the topics of free will, sin, and forgiveness of sin.

6/11/06 - VBS and Saints Come Marching (and Laughing) In - These 10-15-minute comedic scripts were created on demand for a reader who needed five “saint” scripts in a hurry for a parish VBS FIESTA program in Mississippi. Each script references sacred scripture, actual events in the lives of the saints, and features a central ideal or virtue the children will not soon forget. While appropriate for children up to the fifth grade, the new saint series can be adapted for much younger children by using only the shorter scenes-within-scenes. Enjoy!

It is recommended that these shows be presented in the following order:

St. Mary Magdalene Puppet Show
First in series
Sr. Thea Bowman Puppet Show
This show follows the show on St. Mary Magdalene.
St. Peter Puppet Show
This show follows the show on Sr. Thea Bowman.
St. Stephen Puppet Show
This show follows the show on St. Peter
St. Paul Puppet Show
Final in series

6/10/06 - We've just added some great new scripts!  Be sure to check out Bathtime, Beach Baby, Greatest Show On Earth and Predator

Meet the Author:

Hi! My name is Lisa Mladinich.

I’m a former actress living on Long Island, NY with my DH and DD, loving suburban life after many years in the city. I’ve spent my life writing, including several years of writing theatrically (sketch comedy, one-woman shows) and am currently at work on my first novel, a Catholic inspirational/murder mystery & romance!  Click here to read the rest of Lisa's bio.

Contact the Author

Lisa Mladinich

Meet the Translator:

María M. Rivera is a Spanish Medical Interpreter who writes on diverse topics. Besides being bilingual (Spanish <> English) she also studies Italian and Technical Communications. Originally from Puerto Rico, she now resides in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. She is an active member of St. Florian Parish in West Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she volunteers as a Confirmation catechist. Click here to read the rest of Maria's bio.

Your Feedback:

Hi, Lisa,

I am a Catholic Mom and also teach Language Arts to middle/junior high students at St. Theresa School in Little Rock, AR. I happened upon your Puppet Ministry last year and we began our own Puppet Series at our school. It has been a huge school-wide hit!

My husband built a stage/screen out of dry-erase wipe board material, so we can decorate the set with Bible quotes, the name of the play and other words and symbols relative to the play. The 7th grade students make their own puppets out of felt/hot glue and misc. materials. They then present the plays to grades P-K through 8th grade. The priviledge to do this has become a special "rite of passage" for the 7th graders, with the younger kids anxious for their opportunity.

I was so pleased to see you have added quite a few new plays, so that we can offer two different plays per year to each grade level. The Puppet Series also impressed other teachers and our principal. As part of our school accreditation process, we listed that we wanted to create more awareness of our patron saint, St. Theresa, so it was written into the plan that this year we would develop a puppet play based on her life. I am using your other saint palys as a guideline and working with a small group of 7th graders to develop it. We hope to have it ready by early October, to commemorate St. Theresa's Feast Day.

Thanks for your sharing your creativity with the public!


Kristi Englert
St. Theresa School
Little Rock, AR


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