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Love listening to podcasts in the carpool, folding laundry or doing dishes? Samantha Stephenson shares 10 great podcasts for Catholic moms.

When I was a working mom, I spent hours in the car commuting from home to work, to grad school, to pick up my daughter from the babysitter. Oh, how I wish I had access to the kinds of listening that are now available. I can pick up my phone and listen to free radio on demand, perfectly curated to my interests. 

I started binge-listening to podcasts to stave off loneliness when I first became a stay-at-home mom. Now, they are a staple in my daily routine. I listen to podcasts on our daily walks around the neighborhood, in the kitchen while I prepare meals and wash dishes. I love them so much I’ve even dabbled in creating my own. 

Every time I discover a new podcast I love, it’s like making a new friend. So with that, here are some of my wonderful friends I’ve love to share with you! 

  1. This Is Jen
    Hosted by former atheist convert, author, comedian, and mother of 6 Jennifer Fulwiler, This Is Jen is a combination of humor, philosophy, and mom life that manages to be challenging as well as encouraging. You’ll gain personal insight, feel like Jen’s best friend, and you’ll laugh along the way.

  2. Heart Home Faith
    Olivia McCarthy shares faithful friendship and wisdom for Catholic women raising families. Each episode offers a little bit of insight into how we can prayerfully learn to run a home and mother our children better. 

  3. Spoken Women
    The Spoken Women podcast encourages and inspires Catholic women as they nurture their creative callings. Each episode is hosted by a member of the Spoken Women community, and you can listen in to these beautiful, uplifting messages as they share personal stories about overcoming challenges in their creative vocations. 

  4. Risen Motherhood
    Risen Motherhood is a Christian podcast that explores issues like whether moms should work, how moms can make time for a Sabbath, and why, exactly, the “little years” are not lost. It is a place for empathy and encouragement in this vocation to motherhood. 

  5. Brave New Us
    Brave New Us, hosted by Samantha Stephenson (that’s me!), is a storytelling podcast that explores bioethics in the light of faith. Each season takes a deep dive into issues like reproductive technologies, and assisted suicide. Season 1 looks at genetic editing, from human enhancement to eugenic uses, and asks whether the disabled community just might have a privileged role in the Kingdom of God. 

  6. A Shower of Roses
    If you’re looking for a way to reflect on the Sunday readings throughout your week, join host Jenna Violi as she unpacks the meaning and wisdom of the Scriptures each week. Of course we should be diving deep on Sundays and listening to the homilies, but we can’t always listen carefully when we are staving off toddler meltdowns. Jenna’s reflections allow us to meditate on wisdom for a woman’s heart at our own pace throughout the week. 

  7. Catholic Sprouts
    Catholic Sprouts is a perfect carpool podcast, striving to plant seeds of faith in daily 5-minute shows. It is perfect for school-aged kids to enjoy these bite-sized bits of theology, and they make great conversation starters to dive deeper into questions like “Was Jesus real?” and “Who is the Holy Spirit?”

  8. The Feminine Genius Podcast
    Hosted by Rachel Wong, The Feminine Genius Podcast is a podcast that celebrates women of God and their unique genius. Listen in as Rachel interviews women glorifying God in all walks of life.

  9. To Grow Good
    To Grow Good explores stories of conversion. Some of these are the stories of converts from other faith traditions. Others are reverts, and still others explore what it means to return to God again and again. 

  10. Talk To Me With Liv Harrison
    Liv Harrison gets to the story behind the success, the real life behind the curated picture as she interviews guests on Talk to Me. Her casual style makes guests and listeners feel like they’ve been best friends forever.

Every time I discover a new podcast I love, it’s like making a new friend. #catholicmom

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