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Lisa Hendey reviews 2 Hearts, a tale of generosity, lives well lived, and the power of true love - in theaters now.

If the thought of another sentimental medical drama feels too close to home during this time of the global pandemic, think of the new film 2 HEARTS instead as a tale of generosity, lives well lived, and the power of true love. Now open in theaters nationwide, 2 HEARTS is loosely based on the true stories of Jorge Bacardi and Christopher Gregory, whose lives intertwined and were the impetus for the Gabriel House of Care. While some may see the film relating to end of life issues and decisions, to me it was much more so a lesson in deciding how to live and love.


For two couples the future unfolds in different decades and different places, but a hidden connection will bring them together in a way no one could have predicted. Based on an inspirational true story, 2 HEARTS is a romantic journey that celebrates life, love and generosity of spirit, and will strengthen our belief that miracles still happen. (Source: 2 Hearts)



The primary cast of the film takes what could be another predictable tear-jerker and infuses fresh perspectives. Jacob Elordi’s Chris is infectiously enthusiastic, the kind of character whose easy to love. Adan Canto’s Jorge defies the odds stacked against him with grace and hope.

A movie that will make you cry, make you think, and hopefully make you double-check to ensure that you are an organ donor. #2HeartstheFilm #catholicmom


As a fan of vintage airline memorabilia, I loved seeing Pan Am’s glory days of aviation brought back to life as the jumping-off point for Jorge and Leslie’s (Radha Mitchel) whirlwind romance. Their adventures and mutual commitment even amidst tremendous challenges caught my heart. But Chris and Tiera’s blossoming first love did too, causing me to think so fondly of my college days with my husband Greg and our newlywed years.

Wishing to avoid spoilers here, I’ll simply tip my cap to Director/Producer Lance Hool’s storytelling vision which so nearly entangles two accounts into one unified perspective while still keeping us a bit on edge about what would really ultimately happen in the plot. Similar stories have been told before on film, but 2 HEARTS brings its own spin on a known genre.


While it’s unlikely to win any major filmmaking awards, 2 HEARTS is the kind of movie that will make you cry, make you think, and hopefully make you double-check to ensure that you are indeed an organ donor.

Rated PG-13 for brief strong language. Playing in theaters nationwide NOW. Find tickets for 2 HEARTS at 2HeartsTheFilm.com.

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