"If anyone comes to me, I want to lead them to Him." (Edith Stein)

This is the life of all believers, isn’t it?  This is our goal, our hope, the motivation for our work.

Interestingly, as you grow in your awareness of Christ, you grow in your concern for your brothers and sisters.  You want them to have the joy that you have.  You want them to experience the peace that comes with a life lived by faith in Jesus.

But how do we, ordinary Christians that we are, do that in our daily lives?  Is that too big of a task?  Can we really lead others to Him?  Have we ever really tried?

Have you tried to show Christian charity, even though your heart was filled with anger?

Have you practiced patience and watched your tongue, when it was more enjoyable to gossip?

Have you prayed for help and depended on God, rather than tried to work it out alone?

It’s one thing to show charity, practice patience and pray when things are going well, but what about those times when you are in the midst of your anger and frustration?  That’s when your charity and patience have the potential to have the most influence.

If you really want to lead others to God, let him use you as his instrument.  You will be amazed what can be accomplished!