Canadian Saints Calendar: Not just for Canadians Canadian Saints Calendar: Not just for Canadians

Yes, that’s right! The Canadian Saints calendar is not just for Canadians. In fact it is not just for Catholics. Maybe you don’t even have to be interested in religion at all. But of course: you won’t appreciate what you don’t know: that’s why this calendar exists.

What is the Canadian Saints calendar exactly?

The Canadian Saints calendar is like a regular calendar but with the important difference that it marks the feast days of all Canadian Saints and Blessed. Every Saint and Blessed is described briefly with background information about their lives and work, why it is important to commemorate them and how they can inspire us in our daily lives. The calendar can be printed, shared or synchronized for use on PC or mobile device so you’ll never forget a feast day of a Canadian Saint or Blessed.

The calendar was created to inspire people in their daily lives with the stories of the Saints and Blessed. Below two remarkable examples of what they can mean for you and for today’s society.

Impossible challenge?

If you face a challenge that you think is (to) difficult to overcome than the story of Saint André Bessette is a nice message of inspiration and motivation. Despite his poor health, he managed to build a basilica in honour of his beloved Saint Joseph (Saint Josephs Oratory on Mount Royal in Montreal) without resources or official support from any institution. Step by step he created his masterpiece out of nothing. Maybe you are planning to set up a business (from home) or you are wondering how to guide your kids through the next phase in their lives, than Brother André might inspire you to pursuit your dream or just to take the next hurdle.

What Canadians (and everybody else) don’t know

Canada is praised for the quality of its public services. Thanks to excellent healthcare and education Canadians have a long life expectancy and belong to the happiest people in the world. What most Canadians don’t know, is that the foundations of those public services were laid by Canadian Saints and Blessed. It was Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys who initiated public education and Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin who founded the first mixed schools in Canada.

Canada’s first hospital is Hôtel-Dieu in Montreal, founded in 1645. Blessed Mary Catherine of St Augustine arrived in 1648 and played an important role in the development of the hospital. She worked as a nurse, a nun and fulfilled several administrative functions as well.

Don’t wait till the feast day 

No matter what your nationality is, what your occupation is or whether you are deeply devoted or not, the Canadian Saints and Blessed can inspire and motivate anyone of us. So next time you attend a doctor, send your kids to school or feel stuck in your endeavors, don’t wait till the Saint’s feast day, but remember them at that very moment and appreciate their work and legacy to today’s society.

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