I was so happy to read the headline today that confirmed what we already know - Catholic Charities USA is the top provider of social services according to Charity Navigator.

This morning, I headed downtown to our local Catholic Charities agency for an interview with Jody Hudson, who heads the agency's food bank, thrift store and many other important areas of community outreach. I'm looking forward to sharing that interview on the next episode of Catholic Moments, but I wanted to share this article with you to remind each of you that the work we do to support Catholic Charities is reaching many lives. At the Catholic Business and Professionals breakfast I attended last week, our local executive director of Catholic Charities stated that with a five dollar donation, Catholic Charities can purchase twenty boxes of cereal! What a wonderful reminder that every little bit helps when it comes to feeding the poor and hungry.

Congrats to Catholic Charities USA and all of those who work and volunteer to carry out Christ's message of care and compassion.

Catholic Charities USA Named Top Provider of Social Services by Charity Navigator, Ranked #2 Overall in NonProfit Times Top 100 - MarketWatch