Later today, I'll be off having surgery to remove some pre-cancerous tissue from my right breast - I blogged a bit about the situation over at Faith and Family Live! this weekend and have also shared a bit on the podcast.

It's interesting to me that I've had a tremendous sense of peace and acceptance over this whole situation - there are so many women involved in the "real" battle with breast cancer that this little procedure almost feels like "much ado about nothing".  The biggest frustration to me has been getting my house and my work affairs in order to potentially take the week off if I'm not feeling well.

I didn't sleep much or very well last night, with thoughts racing through my head of things that I need to take care of this morning before we leave for the 10:00 pre-surgical check in.  I'll be at Radiology for procedure there at 11:15 and then the surgery is at 2:30 - a nice opportunity to fast and to offer it for the poor souls in purgatory!

Out of the blue, the first email I opened this morning was from an "anonymous" source who had commented on a very old post from my old blog.  Anonymous share this link, to the Litany of the Saints which was sung last year during Pope Benedict XVI's youth rally and Mass at Yonkers.

I'm thinking "Anonymous" was secretly my guardian angel, who knew who much I needed the quiet moment of prayer that accompanied my listening to this song/prayer early this morning.  Please take a moment to listen to it and to join your prayers with mine for the souls we remember during this month of November.

What a tremendous blessing to have the prayers of the Communion of Saints!  I hope to rejoin you within a few days and will report back on how things went with my procedure.  Hope your week is blessed!