I'm feeling so much better the past few days that, aside from exercising, I'm getting back into the swing of things.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day that Adam and I headed out for a walk - he came along to pick me up in case I "conked out" on the road!

I love taking walks with my boys - it seems to be the perfect venue for getting caught up on all that's happening in their lives.  Outside and away from the distractions of home, they seem to open up and share so much more.  Adam is such the teenager - it continually shocks me how very grown up my "baby" is getting.  He was sharing with me yesterday about some social situations at school and his mature reaction made me feel very proud of him.  He's very tuned into people's feelings and emotions - a wonderful attribute for a young man!

Even though it's still 60 degrees in Fresno, our front yard is littered with gorgeous leaves of many sizes and colors.  I may never make it to New England for the colors, but yesterday Fresno felt like a little patch of heaven!