sacred_verseLast week over at I caused a little "dust up" with a post on texting and driving (which by the way, I never condone).  But this week, I want to share something wonderful that you can enjoy with your family and that's also related to texting.

My friend Maria Riz Marsella is the creative genius behind, a service that employs technology to respond to the call for the New Evangelization.  Riz and her partners have created a weekly service that you can enjoy yourself or gift to someone special in your life.  The three services currently offered include:

  • SACRED BIBLE VERSES - Sacred Bible Verses will be texted to your cell phone every Monday for 52 weeks.
  • INSIGHTS OF GREAT SAINTS - Inspiring Insights of Great Saints will be texted to your cell phone every Wednesday for 52 weeks.
  • PAPAL REFLECTIONS - Spiritually rich Papal Reflections will be texted to your cell phone every Friday for 52 weeks.

For busy moms and dads on the go, receiving this type of "byte sized" inspiration via text (but not while you're driving!) can be a perfect "pick me up" for your spiritual life.  This is also the perfect way to share the faith with our teens and young adults, who love their cell phones.

For subscription information visit