On Friday evening, I took Adam and two of his friends to see the movie Twilight, which is all the rage this month with the teenage set. 

Before the movie, the three kids bellied up to the bar at Johnny Rockets for burgers and fries, while my fellow mom-friend and I sat at an adjoining table, giving them a taste of independence.  Watching Adam smile and joke with his friends, my heart ached just a bit at how grown up my "baby" is getting.  A year from now, he likely won't be caught dead letting mom accompany his friends to a film.

Over at Faith and Family Live! today, I'm inviting your comments on the Twilight books and the movie.  Have you read the books or seen the film?  Is your teen into this trend?

Adam doesn't seem to be quite as caught up in the trend as some of his friends, one of which has already seen the movie five times.  I'm glad I had the chance to watch the movie with Adam, and will long remember our conversation afterward. 

Moments like these make me ponder the all-too-quick passage of time...