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Lisa Hendey and Allison Gingras preview the introduction and chapter 1 of Rachel Balducci's new book, No Such Thing as Ordinary.

Rachel Balducci's new book, No Such Thing as Ordinary: Unlocking your extraordinary life through everyday encounters with Jesus, is an excellent book to start a summer book club. Rachel views her own desire to live her life and her faith in an extraordinary way through a refreshing perspective on the story of the woman at the well.

While this book is nonfiction, we want to emphasize that Rachel's writing is so engaging that this is a perfect summer read; it's really a memoir with a teaching purpose to it. We recommend that you follow Rachel on Instagram too.

This is a book about going after your dreams—but also admitting that true happiness will only come when you seek it in the right place. (ix)


Allison commented, "All the moments I was seeking for extraordinary were actually happening in my ordinary, and I love how Rachel helps us see that, to shift our focus and discover that we are living in our everyday moments."

Even in the early phases of this book, I am reminded that God has these amazing plans for us and they're unique to us. We can't look to other people's lives; we can be inspired by them, but we can't wish we were them.

It doesn't really matter where you are in your journey; this book will resonate with you. I'd love to hear your answer to the question on the back of the book:

Are you looking for freedom and fulfillment
in the life you're already living,
or do you feel trapped
because your everyday reality
doesn't match your dreams?


While Rachel couldn't join us for today's discussion because of a family commitment, we hope you'll enjoy my discussion with Allison Gingras about the introduction and chapter 1 of this book.




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All the moments I was seeking for extraordinary were actually happening in my ordinary. #catholicmom #bookclub

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