Over at Catholic Exchange today, my good friend and founder of Catholic publishing company Bezalel Books, Cheryl Dickow, is posing an interesting ethical dilemma about one of my favorite books, The Green Coat: A Tale from the Dust Bowl Years.  Cheryl asks many interesting questions in this article, but the crux of the matter is what she would do if Oprah called to select this amazing book for her book club.  Would Cheryl feel comfortable overlooking some of the ethical issues she has with Oprah to expose this book to a very wide audience?

Having read this life-changing book by Rosemary McDunn, I would unabashedly answer Cheryl's hypothetical question with one word - "Go!"

Books such as The Green Coat have the ability to move minds and touch souls.  I would love it if, one day, I could have one one-hundredth of Oprah's power to cast light on books.  Some of us question many of her recent choices, but I am convinced that using Oprah's forum to touch so many lives through Rosemary McDunn's work would be the best possible use of television.

Cheryl, I hope Oprah's staff calls you soon and that you take advantage of the opportunity to share not only The Green Coat but also the many other fine books you've helped bring to us in the past few years.  If you need someone to carry your suitcases, call me - I'm your girl!