The following announcement comes from my friend Joe McClane, host of The Catholic Hack podcast:

I NEED YOUR HELP! In one week my good friend, and spiritual director, Fr. Phillip Chavez, will baptize my new son, Daniel-Jude Joseph McClane, into the one body of Christ. We could not be happier on this occasion. Fr. Phillip will travel from his hermitage, in Glen Rock PA, to visit with us, here in Spring TX, and perform the Sacrament. He does so at great cost to himself and his men’s institute (The Amator Institute). In an effort to offset Father Chavez’s travel costs I have teamed up with the crew to host a FREE Catholic Men’s webinar next week. We have entitled it "From Slavery to Sonship: The Identity & Journey of a Man" and we pray it will touch the hearts, as well as move the souls of , men all over the world. Fr. Phillip Chavez, from the Amator Institute will give a powerful keynote address on the identity of a man in a turbulent world. Other presenters include Josh LeBlanc, from the podcast, Joe McClane from The Catholic Hack! Podcast, and more! Don’t miss out on this great online event. The webinar is FREE however, I am hoping to raise a thousand dollars to pay for Father’s travel with the balance for a donation to the Amator institute. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. So here’s what I need: 1) Help me get the word out with only one week to go. Please tell everyone about this unique online Catholic Men’s event. Send out the tweets, emails, notices, Facebook updates, & plurks. Post it on your blogs & newsletters. Anything and everything will help! 2) Plan to attend. Its Next Sunday, April 26th, 2009 @ 5 pm central at Its going to be a great event. Anyone who donates will receive a FREE audio CD copy of the event. Thanks in advance for your help! May God Richly Bless you! In Christ Joe M