Over at CERC this week, there is a fine article by Barbara Kay entitled Teaching Children Manners.  It's well worth the few moments it will take you to read the article to reflect upon this important topic.

As a mom of young men, I think one of my most important roles as a mother is to teach my sons to constantly exhibit respectful manners.  While I won't claim that they are perfect, I am so proud of them when it comes to having good social manners - things such as greeting adults, shaking hands, and holding doors open are just a few little ways that they show their compassion for others, which is the most important aspect of manners in my book.

Adam, my "little" one, constantly amazes me with the manner in which he dotes on his mother!  I know that my sons are ready to step into the world and treat others with dignity and respect, but this is an ongoing area of constant discussion in our home.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on ways in which we can work together to raiser ladies and gentlemen who possess compassionate, caring manners!  To read Barbara Kay's article entitled Teaching Children Manners, click here.