Thanks to my friend Chris Pham at CatholicTV for sharing the following press release.  I've also decided to include an episode of this show, featuring Jay Fadden and Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O'Malley sit down with the director of CatholicTV to discuss new media.  This program can be viewed here in its entirety or weekly on the CatholicTV site if you don't live in their viewing area.

Weekly Television Show Takes Catholics Into the Mind of a Cardinal

CatholicTV is now showing a weekly series called "Conversations with Cardinal Sean". The show takes viewers into the mind of a man who studied 7 languages, wears sandals during the Boston winter, and once voluntarily lived in a prostitution and drug-infested slum in order to experience and alleviate the sufferings of oppressed Washington D.C. tenants.

CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television station headquartered near Boston. Each week, viewers can watch a 30-minute show featuring Cardinal Sean O’Malley and Jay Fadden- the general manager of CatholicTV. During the show, Jay Fadden asks a myriad of questions on subjects ranging from abortion to blogging.

Cardinal O’Malley, who prefers to be called "Cardinal Sean," is known for his love of and commitment to the poor, his joyful demeanor, and his absolute devotion to others.

His family was devoutly Catholic and often participated in religious retreats. It was during one of these retreats that Cardinal Sean had an encounter with a Franciscan Friar who Cardinal Sean’s father called "the happiest man in the world".

At the age of 12, then-named Patrick O’Malley entered the St. Fidelis Minor Seminary. . According to "Current Biography Magazine", a fellow student at St. Fidelis said that "Most of us were ballplayers hoping to be priests one day. Sean was a little priest the whole way through . . . he was a little Franciscan the whole way through. He was the real thing from day one."

"Conversations with Cardinal Sean" can be seen each week on Monday at 10:30AM; Wednesday at 12:30AM & 9PM; Thursday at 6:30PM; Friday at 3:30AM & 12:30PM; and Saturday at 1PM. All times are Eastern Standard.

Watch this program online: