This post is a tad tardy, but I didn't want to neglect sharing these photos Eric and I took yesterday during our participation in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day food drive and peace march. Not surprisingly, since this prayerful walk took place the day before the inauguration, the streets were filled with folks sporting Obama tshirts and anticipating today's events.

This is the first time I've participated in this particular event and I will definitely try to go again in the future.  It was truly a treat to walk behind Eric's Leo Club friends, who had given up their morning to volunteer for the event.  It was also great to hear many of our community leaders coming together with one voice to call for peace and caring here in our own home.  Events such as these frequently remind me that our youth can and do make a difference in our world.  I truly believe that Eric and his friends look beyond color to the content of one's character - they see the person inside, rather than the looks outside.  This is a great lesson for all of us as we remember a man who lived and died to encourage others to love and to lift one another up, rather than dragging one another down.

Yesterday was also a good reminder to continually support our Community Food Bank and Catholic Charities, who are working around the clock to keep up with an ever growing demand for their services.