Have you seen the show "Women in God's Spirit".  This is a great show broadcast by CatholicTV, hosted by women and focusing on Catholic themes and guests.  Here's some information on the show shared by my friend Chris Pham of Catholic TV.  I'm going to embed a recent episode of "Women in God's Spirit" that you can watch here from the comfort of your computer if you don't live in the Boston area.


CatholicTV now broadcasts a talk show called "Women in God’s Spirit". Each show features a Catholic theme, a guest, and discussion by a group of ordinary Catholic women. CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television station headquartered near Boston.

Each episode of "Women in God’s Spirit" has a Catholic faith theme such as prayer, faith, and the Holy Spirit. The show is different from many talk shows in that it features a panel of lay women from different Catholic parishes each week. Women of varying demographics and faith lives share their thoughts in open, personal discussions. The show is also unique because the show ministers to the guests by teaching them while also ministering to television/internet viewers.

Guests include priests, nuns, Catholic theologians and scripture scholars. Each episode is hosted by Jennifer Schiller. Guests talk about the theme of the week and their own personal experiences with the theme of the week. For instance, in an episode about prayer, the guests spoke of their own joyful experiences of prayer as well as the challenges and difficulties of praying such as demands from children and every day life.

"Women in God’s Spirit" airs each week on Wednesday at 6AM & 2PM, Friday at 2AM & 10:30PM, and Saturday at 5:30PM. All times are Eastern Standard.

The show is viewable on CatholicTV where available and is also streamed live (simultaneously) at www.CatholicTV.com. Shows are currently offered in the archives and are viewable full-screen now for free. CatholicTV is a non-profit corporation.

Archived videos can be seen  here.