"It's the law of the land. It's been in place for over 30 years. There's nothing more to do."

Despair is a great tool of the evil one.  The idea that there is nothing we can do.  We can't win, and therefore, we should not try.   One of the arguments put forth by the defenders of abortion is that we should stop showing up and fighting because we've already lost.   Sadly, many would be defenders of the unborn stop speaking out because it is tiresome to feel one isn't making headway.  Speaking out is hard, even with groups and practice and having a firm conviction.  It's easier to slip into "nothing I can do."

Recognize that the voice telling us to stop fighting is a way of the other side saying, "I don't want to hear it."

Our role is to speak out. Ours is to keep trying.  If we only save one, we have saved one.  The effects of one life on the world are incalculable except by God.   Each of us has the capacity with our one life to affect countless others.  How much more do the three thousand a day lost, have to change the world?

This fight is an eternal one.  People have been aborting people since the beginning of time.  It's called killing.    We are fighting to end violence, to stop the killing of the most innocent lives.   We are fighting because it is right, not because we win.

January 22, 2009, people from all over the nation came to this nation's capital to pray for a conversion of the nation's hard heart against the unborn.  People marched and witnessed because three thousand daily cannot.   We must continue to witness and witness and witness until the plurality of the nation wakes from its moral slumber and extends the rights of life to all.  We must be willing to keep fighting even when half the nation thinks us foolish, simple and backwards for our thinking.  We must be willing to keep witnessing when it would be much more prudent, much cooler and much easier to be silent.

In the year of Saint Paul, we can hope for the same sort of miraculous conversion. We have the blessing of waiting for the modern day Sauls to recognize they have been persecuting Christ.  We have the privilege of serving those who receive the gift of a change of heart.  In the Lord's time, this evil of abortion shall end.   We must wait on the Lord.   Serve well.

Copyright 2009 Sherry Antonetti