Small Success Thursday

Today, I was folding. Using a trick I learned from a woman who used to come to our house and fold. (We served as a job site because I always had some that could be done), I banged through the huge mountain of clothing, making fifteen item high stacks one after another. Sorting would occur afterwards. (It’s faster she told me). When I finished, I summoned my two oldest to come take over that task.

When they came into the room, they found me surrounded as if in battle by my carefully arranged stacks. “Mom? Laying siege?” one of them quipped. I had a “U” shaped fort of sheets and towels and the like surrounding me. “Funny. Yes. And you’re drafted.” When they started to balk, I offered the alternative. “You can do the dishes instead.” Sorting commenced immediately.

This week has been one of those where we did a lot, but it didn’t feel like a lot was done. Folding and sorting doesn’t mean the laundry goes away. I wanted the task to end. We were also watching the Olympics and I had to wonder how they did it. How they gave up whole decades of their lives for just a chance at a medal? It is a rare air they breathe. At some point, in the midst of the pain from practice, they had to seal their hearts towards this goal. At some point, they had to decide, I dedicate my life, I surrender my life to this sport. It is part of why they are so amazing, it is part of why the Olympics move me every time. Folding is not an Olympic sport, but it does require me to seal my heart. This will get done. It will get done today and it will go away for the next seven days. I get that solid about it. Most of the time, my time is slow, my technique is poor and I wouldn’t qualify except I don’t quit. In this, the Olympians and I are alike; they have chosen to not quit. Even the slowest runner in the races, finish.

With that thought pulsing in my head, I went to get the last load. One more time! I won’t quit. We even sorted socks. That ought to earn a gold medal for sure.

This week I:

  • Caught up on the laundry.
  • Hosted a cook out for our cousins.
  • Took two instruments to be repaired before school starts, picked up the glasses that have been at thy eye doctor’s shop for forever, and took one daughter shopping for some needed clothes.
  • Marshaled the kids to the park while one of them tried out for a baseball team.
  • Had a date night where we went bowling. I had three strikes but they were separated by gutter balls so it didn’t help my score as much as it would have otherwise.

Now it’s your turn! Hope your week was pure gold.

Leave your list on your blog and list your blog in the comments or leave your small successes in the comment section itself and thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday!

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