As we prepare this week to celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes, I am thrilled that Loyola Productions has made available this section of video from Fr. James Martin's wonderful new DVD Who Cares About the Saints?

In this section of the video, we are introduced in a compelling way to the life of St. Saint Bernadette Subirous of Lourdes.  Fr. Jim has this way of telling stories about the saints that is so very compelling.  He discusses their lives in a way that inspires, but also helps me personally feel more of a connection to the saints.  In this section of the video, the story of sweet St. Bernadette comes to life for me.  I cannot wait to see and review the entire DVD - I will be sharing that with you very soon.  But if you can't wait, Who Cares About the Saints?
is available through Amazon now.

Several years ago, long before marriage and children, I had the opportunity to visit Lourdes with my parents.  I also have a strong devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes after having spent so many precious hours in prayer at her grotto at Notre Dame.

I want to thank Fr. Martin for sharing this section of his new DVD and ask you to help me spread the word about this great project.  Our support and purchase of this product will ensure that future DVD and video resources are available for our families, parishes and schools.

Order Who Cares About the Saints?

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