Adam and I are just home from having viewed Knowing, the movie out this weekend with Nicholas Cage.  The film garnered an A-II rating from the USCCB and is rated PG13.  I have to say that I found the film fascinating, chock full of spiritual imagery.

I will say that the movie is quite intense, downright frightening in parts.  I took a group of thirteen and fouteen year olds, none of whom admitted to being "scared" during the movie.  I will admit it - I found a few of the scenes extremely suspenseful and frightening.  I would not take a child younger than 13 to see the film.

The kids I took, however, definitely clued into the spiritual aspects of the film and we had a great discussion over dinner about Cage's conversion experience, the angelic beings in the film, the Noah's Ark/Garden of Eden imagery, and of course the end of the film - which I'm not going to give away.

Many critics have given Knowing bad reviews.  I'm not a film critic - just a mom.  I found the film entertaining and thought provoking and was inspired and moved by its message.