Amid depressed economics, the Humorous Speakers Bureau is experiencing a call to the comedy front.  People still need and want to laugh.  The Humorous Speakers Bureau was founded by Catholic mom, Sally Edwards, who is a clean humorist and comedian who brings her fun, interactive, one-woman performance "Family Laughter!" to parishes across the country.

Sally Edwards started The Humorous Speakers Bureau ( to fill a need for good clean fun.  The online booking site provides names, videos and biographies of the professional humorists and comedians who offer intelligent and relatable clean humor.  In addition, Sally Edwards offers consultation and contract writing services to secure the ideal comedian or humorist for your party, meeting or event.

"Clean comedy is being greeted with open arms," says Edwards.  "The comedy audience is tiring of the constant use of four-letter words on the comedy cable channels.  People are seeking a higher form of humor dependent upon clever thinking, wit and insight."  Chase Bank, UPS and the Business Aviation Association are just a few of the businesses who welcomed laughter at their holiday parties.

Clean comedy is welcome in the corporate workplace where senior advisers and human resource directors are seeking a way to elevate the mood of employees who have witnessed layoffs.  The Humorous Speakers Bureau provides stress relief through laughter. It is the ideal solution to bringing clean, customized and non-offensive humor to your place of business in order to raise the company spirit.  And best of all, it’s "mom friendly." Now that’s a positive change!

For more information see  To visit with Sally Edwards, visit her site at Thank you to Sally Edwards for submitting this article!