Editor's note: Today, I'm happy to share the good news about the very fun website FamilyFunPuzzles.com. If you enjoy puzzles, why not check out this awesome new resource where you can not only solve them, but also share them with your loved ones! LMH

Albany, OR (December, 2012) - With Family Fun online jig saw puzzles there’s a new and fun way to keep “Christ in Christmas” for children of all ages. Patricia Proctor of St. Mary’s Church in Albany, Oregon thinks it’s important to have fun at Christmas as well as keeping it a holy and sacred time.

Her new site, Family Fun Puzzles offers free online puzzles for Advent, Christmas and the Holy days of the year as well as lots of family friendly puzzles of all types.An Advent Calendar offers a new puzzle for each day leading to the Nativity. Each puzzle has a Christmas quote that is revealed when the game is completed. The puzzles have different levels of difficulty so it is fun for all ages.

A unique feature of the puzzles is that they can be sent as surprise messages to family and friends. The puzzles must be completed before the greeting is shown. The receiver can choose how many pieces of the puzzle for the challenge - so if they are busy they can zip through it or take their time with a more complicated level. “This adds just a bit of fun to the typical Christmas card sending ,” says Patricia. “You can send a puzzle to one person or as many as you have on your Christmas e-mailing list.”

The family friendly puzzle site just went live in December so many puzzles are in the process of being loaded into the system. “Give me another 30 days,” laughed Patricia, “and I will have a hundred or more new puzzles up. It’s growing that fast!”

This is not the first online puzzle site that Proctor has done or the first Catholic online service. She created a Catholic eCard service called FranciscanCards (now holyecards.com) that resulted in over 2 million cards being sent around the world. “I love the challenge of spreading Catholicism in a fun, creative way,” explained Patricia, “It’s sort of my missionary calling.”

Headquartered in Albany, Oregon, Patricia at Family Fun Puzzles can be reached at (541) 791-6193. To receive information via the internet access the company’s Web site at http://www.familyfunpuzzles.com.