As I was fixing my oatmeal for breakfast this morning, I could not help but think about the Season of Lent.For me it is a time for me to stop and spend time in reflection of my Christian life, to see what I have done
over the past year, and to think about what I could have done to make it better. Lent is a season of preparing, it is a time for us to prepare ourselves and our hearts for the coming of Easter, and it is a time for us to spend time in prayer to prepare ourselves to be able to celebrate Jesus rising from the tomb.

One of the rituals of the Lenten Season is fasting on Friday's during Lent, and I know that to some people this seems like a senseless thing to do, but by denying ourselves something that we normally take for granted then we are saying that we are in the very smallest sense becoming Christ like because Christ came to earth, He lived a carpenters life, He lived a life in service for God by spreading the word of God to everyone that He came in contact with, and then He allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross and die for our sin's. If He can make such a sacrifice for us, by denying Himself the very things that He was entitled to, then how hard is it really for me to give up meat on Friday's during Lent to show God that I am willing to do without in honor of Him. And yes it might seem like a small sacrifice but it is not what you are giving up, it is why you are doing it, what it stands for, and that it is showing God that we love Him and that He is number one in our lives.

As my family sat down this evening to dinner my daughter told me that she loved fish, and that she enjoyed eating it. I told her that yes fish was good tasting food and she said no mom, I like eating it because I am
eating it for God. I ask her what she meant and she said that she knew that eating fish on Friday's was giving honor to God and she was grateful that she could do this. As I was washing the dishes I thought about what
she had said and I had to smile, because it dawned on me that we as adults try and make everything so complicated when they don't have to be, we try to give these long complex explanation's for why we do what we do, when in fact it can be as simple as my daughter put it, she was eating it to honor God, and that in my book says it all without saying much at all, short and sweet. Isn't it amazing what we adults can learn from our children?