In case you've been wondering about the lack of blog posts for the past few weeks, I've been busily working away on the edits for my book project as well as doing a bit of traveling.  This week, I'm holed up in my trailer at Pismo Beach, all by myself, working away!  You can read more about this little adventure over at Faith & Family Live!

My goal is to have the manuscript in relatively good shape to send to my editor by the time Greg returns on Sunday to take me back to the "real world".  It's been an amazing experience with daily mass, long walks on the beach, bike rides, and unlimited hours to focus on just "me".  I'm hoping that the end result will be positive and helpful to others - I know that once my talented editor gets the project in her hands, it will be vastly improved.

When I read through the manuscript, I can't help but smile - it's such a wonderful feeling to have had so many of you contribute to this project.  So many of my wonderful Catholic friends online have contributed as sidebar authors, shared thoughts and suggestions (as well as many direct quotes), and just generally helped me through some tight spots when I was truly stumped.  It's also funny to read back through the chapters I wrote when I was doing daily radiation treatments and wonder how I ever accomplished putting coherent thoughts together under the circumstances.

When I let the book go, it will be far from perfect - but it is filled with so much love and care from so many of you that I know it will help anyone who reads it.  Just as here on, things turn out for the best when I step to the side and let others shine!

OK, I'm off to do a bit more work and will hopefully report back with success on Monday.  Until then, I will be praying for each of you on today's walk along the beach and wish for you a few moments of the peace and joy I've cherished for the past few days.