I hope you recall my interview with Joni Smith Abdalla, co-founder of the Wee Believers Catholic Toy Company.  When I was vacationing in Chicago, I had the joy of watching my nephews play with their Wee Believers My Mass Kit.  I'm happy to share the following information on a great contest being hosted by Wee Believers - it sounds like a blast for any class or family!

Indianapolis, IN, April 16, 2009 – This past Easter Sunday, a new Catholic toy line announced its character development contest. Seeking inspirational ideas from Catholic families and classrooms across the country, parents, schools and parishes are asked to submit naming ideas and characteristics for the Wee Believers® family.

Wee Believers® Catholic Toy Company officially launched their product line this past December with their flagship toy, My Mass Kit. Their mission is to enkindle the fire of faith in families and they accomplish this by offering a range of playful, innovative and high quality products that are authentically Catholic and which will inspire both child and adult to know, love and serve God.

The Our Family Tree Contest is just one of many activities the company plans to offer to add interest and creativity to faith-enrichment time at home and at school. The contest is not open to individuals and is intentionally designed for families and student groups. Entrants are asked to contribute creatively to the personalities and stories behind the family characters in the Wee Believers® toy line. As additional dolls, toys, and sacramental gifts become available, the faces and stories of the Wee Believers® characters will become known by families, educators and children everywhere. Wee Believers® is looking for engaging and faith-filled ideas on where the family lives, where they go to school and what their favorite prayers are.

"This is a fun and easy way for families and classrooms to participate in building the identities and backgrounds of our fun new family of characters. Wee Believers® is committed to creating both exciting products and interesting activities such as Our Family Tree Contest to benefit teachers in their classrooms and parents in their homes," says Co-Founder Steve Abdalla. "We are looking forward to the many great submissions we will receive."

The Wee Believers® family includes a Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Toddler and Baby.

The contest runs through Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2009. Prizes are being sponsored by Wee Believers® and other child-minded Catholic companies such as Magnifikids® and the Great Adventure for Kids program. Winners will be selected based on creativity and faithfulness to the mission of the Wee Believers® Toy Line.

All families and classrooms are encouraged visit www.WeeBelievers.com for more information on the contest, rules and regulations, and to submit entries.