Sean Clive has teamed up with David Smith of Icon Music Studios for his fourth album, What I’ve Settled For. Equally as good musically as his previous album, Amazed, What I’ve Settled For covers new ground lyrically with songs affirming family life.

Sean has a unique gift for storytelling that immediately touches the heart. This album is full of stories about his wife and children. When you’re done listening to the 13 tracks, you feel like you’ve met the whole family!

While the songs employing scripture and exploring the faith life are very good ("The Everlasting" most especially – a great take on Psalm 90), it’s the songs about his wife and children that especially touched me.

Beginning with his wife, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more touching love song of a husband to a wife than "Ordinary Way." Consider this line as an example: "Dirty dishes, messy rooms and toys all over the floor – your knight in shining armor wishes that he could give you more . . ." Throughout the song you hear, "Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say I love you in a not so very Ordinary Way."

"The First Day" and "Go to Sleep" are beautiful songs sung to his children. I especially loved the bonus track on the album though, "Kids are Great" (dedicated to his ‘high-spirited’ daughter). Sung with a touch of loving humor and sarcasm, Sean relates stories that every parent will relate to.

What I’ve Settled For affirms family life in such a wonderful and genuine way. Sean doesn’t preach – he simply shares his life.

There are so many other wonderful songs on this album but you’ll have to purchase it yourself to find out. You can purchase What I’ve Settled For through Sean’s website at

Copyright 2009 Susan Bailey