I absolutely love this song "Two Hands" by Jars of Clay - and the video makes the message of the song even more compelling.  Most days, I wish I had four hands, but this song reminds me to use the two God's given me for His glory!

Here's a message from Dan, of Jars of Clay:

This video tells the story of a band's journey to get our own hands dirty. Someone once defined the role of an artist as the act of looking at the world and describing it...not just as the world is...but also as it should be.

There is only so much looking and describing a band can do when faced with injustices, and tragedies... and also the heroic stories of those who rise above their fears and overcome insurmountable obstacles. Two Hands is a song about overcoming our own fears and finding reasons to care about others even when we don't feel equipped to do so.