With a teenage driver in the house, I feel compelled to watch and share with you the information about this moving documentary from CatholicTV.  A great reminder that one decision can impact a lifetime...

During the week of July 13th, CatholicTV will air a documentary about a young man who drove drunk one night and killed 3 people. The documentary entitled "One Decision" includes the story of David Emigh, who grew up in a family of faith, and who made a terrible mistake which ultimately landed him in prison.

CatholicTV is a nationally-broadcasted television network headquartered near Boston. CatholicTV streams its broadcast simultaneously, 24 hours a day at www.CatholicTV.com

David Emigh was in many respects an average young man. He was captain of his high school soccer team, and went to the Dominican Republic to serve the poor. Afterwards, he attended Indiana University with hopes of becoming a teacher.

In July of 1998, David went out drinking with one his friends Amy Titus. David remembers waking up handcuffed to a hospital bed. Beside him was the sheriff who said, "Son, you’ve just killed 3 people."

Ultimately, David was sentenced to years of probation and community service. He was also sentenced to 5 months in prison. There, he found himself to be one of few believers. In the documentary, David discusses how he "was used as a tool of God" to minister and to give hope to others during his brief, and frightening stay in prison. One prisoner wrote a letter to David which spoke of how David had given the man hope where there was no hope. David also describes how during one prison stint, he was placed in a cell with 3 Christian men, which David felt was due to God’s providence. The cell block housed about 100 convicts.

CatholicTV will air "One Decision" during the "Catholic Saints & Lay People" block during the week of July 14th-19th. The show will air at the following times (Eastern): Tuesday-11:30AM; Wednesday-5AM; Friday-8AM; Sunday 10:30PM. This will air at CatholicTV.com at these times and also on CatholicTV where available.