I love the feel of your soft little baby hand rubbing the back of my arm.

I love your sigh of contentment when you get that first swallow of milk

I love the way your eyes roll back in your head when you latch on

I love the noise of your mouth and jaw as they work together to bring my milk down

I love the feel of let down...little needles that signal my body is working to make food for you

I love the anxious feeling I get when I am away from you too long, a feeling increased by the fullness in my breasts

I love the all-the-time readiness of my milk - perfect temperature, perfect consistency, ready for you

I love when you look up at me while nursing, and smile because I'm smiling and the milk runs down your cheek

I love to love you, and I know no better way to do that than to feed you and comfort you in the shelter of my arms

Sleep well, little man, with milk-wet chin, sleep well.

Copyright 2009 Katherine Barron