This morning, for the first time since 1994, I did not drive my kids to the first day of school. These two graciously allowed mom to continue our family tradition of standing in the back yard, holding a sign announcing the date and their grade. Eric decided to "suit up", announcing his intentions to take this -- his senior year -- very seriously. Adam, on the other hand, went casual. I think the flip flops and sunglasses were a reaction to not having to wear a school uniform for the first time in nine years.

After the photos and a quick prayer, it was time for me to say goodbye.  I offered, one last time, to drive them - both kindly declined.  Before I knew it, they were off.

Adam - First Grade, 2001

Eric - Fourth Grade, 2001

This year will hold lots of new and exciting adventures for both of them.  There will be challenging classes, auditions and rehearsals, new friends for Adam and college apps for Eric.  They will face their tests and challenges, and their parents will too.  Today, it's fun to sit back and ponder all the memories that will be made and the many lessons they will learn along the way.

For those of you sending little ones off to school for the first time or commencing your homeschool career, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!