Warning!!!  Before you click "play" on this video, be aware that it is contains a very graphic portrayal of an automobile collision.  Please do not watch this near small children, or within their hearing range.  Also, if you are easily disturbed please do not watch this video.

Disclaimers aside, have you seen or heard about this British PSA to attempt to dissuade texting while driving.  I made a point of watching it with Eric and plan to show it to Adam as well.  We currently have texting blocked on their cell phones (much to their dismay), but the same distraction can happen while making a call, fiddling with a stereo, or chatting with a friend.  It's always good to be reminded that a split second mistake while driving can be devastating.

I'd love to hear your take.  Will you show this video to your teens?  Does it make YOU want to drive more cautiously?  I will admit to being guilty of peeking at my iPhone while driving, so this was a great reminder to me to put it out of reach while I'm in the car so I'm not even tempted.